Ready made concrete is made by mixing:

  • Fine and Coarse aggregates

  • Cement

  • Water

  • Admixtures ( if required)

In its present form it was first used in the early 20th century, while after 1950 its use was generalized making it by far the most important material in the constructive field globally.

The different properties of the raw materials used to produce concrete (mass, volume, physiochemical characteristics) make the production of concrete an extremely complex and complicated process.

The main properties of concrete are:

  • Workability

  • strength

  • cohesiveness

  • performance

  • durability

  • the environment to which it is exposed

Well made concrete is a naturally strong and durable material able to resists changes in temperature as well as wear and tear from weather changes. In its plastic state, which lasts maximum 1 and a half hour, concrete is soft and can be worked or molded into different shapes. The most important properties of plastic concrete are workability and cohesiveness while the properties of hardened concrete are strength and durability.

Ready made concrete is a value for money product since it is considered to be the cheapest and safest building material. For this reason it is said to be irreplaceable for the construction industry.