Self Compacting Concrete

Self compacting concrete is a type of concrete that allows itself to flow under the influence of its weight, fills the molds passing through dense oplismo and finally forms a dense and sufficiently homogenous material without the need of encapsulation by mechanical means.

This is achieved thanks to the improved properties of the material, due to the existence of a large quantity of fine materials in combination with the use of increased dosage of superplasticizer. This results in a concrete with low voltage leakage, the use of which is ideal for cases of prefabricated components, geometrical elements with cross-sections and fractious increased quantity of weapons.








Despite the increasingly growing use of self compacting concrete in many European countries, in Cyprus it is not so widely used even though it has many advantages:

  • Faster construction

  • Reduced labor cost

  • Better finished concrete surface.

  • Easier compacting

  • Improved durability